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Why CBDBrainIQ™ as a CBD Nootropic?

The brain is incredibly complex, but most nootropic supplements fall short of delivering meaningful results and are made to work on only a single pathway.

CBDBrainIQ™ works on multiple brain pathways with proprietary, clinically studied mental and physical brain boosting ingredients all with 25mg of HydroPure water-soluble, broad-spectrum CBD for the best, all inclusive Nootropic you will ever need.

CBDbrainIQ™ Nootropic is based on science, safe, FDA GRAS certified ingredients and is formulated with Advanced Absorption water-soluble CBD so your body receives all the brain boosting and CBD wellness benefits almost immediately.

Comes in a Fast Acting Capsule Form

The goal? To create the best daily -use, all-inclusive CBD Nootropic that:

CBDBrainIQ™ Optimizes multiple brain pathways for brain boosting cognition and focus

CBDbrainIQ’s science is supported by clinically studied FDA ingredients, water-soluble broad spectrum CBD plus plant based sustainable energy.

CBDBrainIQ was developed on a strict set of criteria:

CBDBrainIQ™ water soluble CBD's wellness benefits:

Brain Chemistry

Optimizes memory, processing speed, mood, attention, motivation and more.

Brain Energy

Busts brain fog and fatigue, supporting mental agility, quick thinking and focus.

Brain Regeneration

Repairs, maintains and nourishes brain cells for plasticity and healthy growth.

Brain Circulation

Helps oxygenate brain, clear toxins and improve neuronutrient delivery.

Brain Protection

Fights toxins and unhealthy structural changes that degrade the brain over time.

Brain Waves

Alpha frequency promotes calm alertness for creativity, productivity and learning.

CBDBrainIQ™ comes in capsule form for enhanced potency, advanced absorption and effectiveness.

CBDBRAINIQ is both a mental and physical performance state so your mind and body are “firing on all cylinders” and enhances cognitive processing and focus

CBDBrainIQ™'s pharmaceutical formula was developed to improvement all aspects of your life

CBDBrainIQ™ nootropic provides both mental and physical performance benefits and brain nourishment –

CBDBrainIQ™ is the only brain supplement you'll ever need.